written by Wanda

Helen Flanagan At Play In Red And White Bikini

British Soap Award nominee Helen Flanagan is one of those women who looks good no matter what she does. She has a gorgeous face, a nice body and just seems to enjoy everything life has to offer her. The thing I like most about Helen is that she isn’t a bombshell. She isn’t a siren. She’s just an attractive woman that wouldn’t look out of place walking down the street beside you in any city in the world. She’s an average girl – normal and down to earth. You look at her and you’re almost certain she’s nice. There isn’t even a hint of attitude. For some girls, that’s really what works. Some women can pull off the diva attitude, and others, like Helen, are just content to show up for work, do their job and then carry on with their every day life – class act all the way.

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  • Helen has a great body, I agree. But I have to disagree with you that she is a nice person. I know it might seem like she’s nice and normal from these photos, but she’s actually a stuck-up little madam. She is obsessed with the press attention she gets here in the uk, she thinks she’s the hottest girl the world has ever seen, and she always wanted to date a British footballer so she can see herself as a trophy ‘WAG’, which she has now done. Basically, she’s totally in love with herself and doesn’t care about anyone or anything else. I’m not just saying it – if you saw her in the media in this country and heard her speak, you’d know what I mean. I know a hell of a lot of people think the same way too.

    By the way, I love your blog, I visit here everyday :)

  • Thanks for the comment! Glad you like it here. We’re going to be posting more often, so make sure you keep coming back!

    In all honesty, I didn’t actually know who she was until I saw these pictures. I did a little research and watched a few clips of her on the show and she seemed pretty good at what she does. Glad you spoke up. Now I know. I’ll have to keep eye out for her diva-tude. While she’s pretty and all, I don’t really see anything for her to be a diva about. Definitely not the hottest – not even the hottest on this site! Nothing worse than a diva.

  • Hi again :) I should say that I don’t know Helen, and despite what I said, she might actually be a really nice person for all I know, but from every press opportunity and interview I’ve seen her in, she seems to be totally obsessed with herself and sees herself as some sort of beauty queen and fame icon.

    She does play an intentionally stuck-up character in Coronation Street, but she does seem the same off-camera. She dumped her former long-term boyfriend for a footballer, presumably because she thought it gives her some sort of heightened celebrity status. She’s always strutting around with this stupid pout on her face like she thinks she’s better than everyone else, and always wears such show-offy clothes at the same time. Of course, make your own mind up if you happen to see her in the media, but I and many many others in the UK know what we think!

  • Sorry, but James is wide of the mark. I’ve met Helen, and she is a lovely person, very happy to have her photo taken with her fans, and not stuck-up at all. By the way, she does quite a lot charity appearances for good causes too. Don’t get the real helen mixed up with her tv character

  • There are no ofaciifl rules but I’m sticking to women I’m attracted to. So yes that naturally excludes many; I’m not just sleeping with ANY women to rack up 50. That would make the whole thing meaningless.