written by Wanda

Helen Flanagan Forgot Her Dress

I love Helen Flanagan. I really, honestly do. I think she’s a very pretty, very talented girl. Because of the love I have for her, this is going to be a very hard post to write. What in the heck is going on with this girl? The other day, I wrote about a set of photos in which Helen was wearing a very low cut, form fitting dress, but it actually looked nice on her. This one? I don’t even know what to say. It looks so trashy. Her breasts are practically completely exposed, her hair is a mess and her eyes? What is going on with her eyes? Fashion missteps are one thing but it’s hard not to worry something else is going on here. She looks a complete mess. I’m hoping everything’s okay.


  • its good that you love her, everyone else thinks shes a fat annoying mess

  • And you’re speaking for everyone, Bob? Speak for yourself, please, not for me. I don’t think she’s fat and I don’t think she’s annoying. You’re entitled to your own view though.

    Wanda, I agree, it’s not the most flattering outfit I’ve seen her in, but no-one’s perfect, celebrity or not.

  • Totally wrong choice of garment. It also looks like underwear, like a petticoat. However, I agree with Camii. At some point, we have all committed our fair share of wrong fashion choices. And some of us will do it again tomorrow. She’s no different (as we can evidently see).

  • Oh dear Helen honey, not a good look, my dear. She’s certainly blessed up top, but the outfit isn’t complimentary. The cups are too small.

    I do like her shoes though. In the one picture, you catch a glimpse of it. I think they look nice.

  • She’s pretty and has a nice figure. She just made the wrong choice of clothing, that’s all. Benita, yes her shoes are rather nice, actually. I rather like her bag too.

    She does look really nice in the photos where she’s smiling.

  • who cares id smash her back doors in any day of the week, she is well fit

  • they are popping out lol, she is so busty she has tons of great cleavage shots from her work, i wish she did porn, she needs some more sex scenes she is so hot

  • you guys should see what she is like on celeb like tv here, she is a slut smple,, these women are no role models fr girls, no wonder most young girls are so shallow and arrogant these days with girls like helen parading around like cheap attention seekers

  • she acts like a slut of course, most young girls do sadly but she is a sexy looking women with a great body so its good enough for the media and for us guys to like it.

    I don’t know how women go out like this though, I was at a friends doo recently and one of the older women there she must have been in her 50’s had an outfit on like this and she was basically busting out and there were a bunch of guys trying to talk to her and saying crap about her because she was showing off cleavage, that says it all really

  • she is such a slut, and most young girls are like this type of lady, how sad

  • scott sinclair is a lucky guy, huge cleavage going on here, she is busting out, She should do porn or some naked shoots soon

  • huge boobs, great legs