written by Wanda

Helen Flanagan Looks Pretty Terrific

Eh, I give Helen Flanagan a hard time sometimes but deep down, I actually really like her. At least I think I do. I’m kind of all over the place with most things so much times I don’t really know what’s going on in my own head but for now? I like Helen. These photos, shot at Brooke Vincent’s party in Manchester, are fantastic. I love the hair. I love the jewelry. I adore the dress. Let’s talk about that dress for a minute, shall we? I think the color is perfect for her and the design itself compliments her beautifully without being trashy. I sometimes feel that Helen crosses too far into the trashy side of things to really be appealing but the last few photo sets I’ve seen of her suggest she’s getting away from that. I hope I’m right with that theory because I really want to like Helen. Photos like these ones just might make it impossible for me not to.


  • she is so fit and brooke vincent is a hottie also

  • yummy, she has such awesome big boobs and nice legs, yes I agree on the other girl brooke vincent she is fit too

  • Brooke vincent had an article today and she says she is not sexy, I think is nice looking tho, brooke you are sexy, helen has awesome rack

  • helen got some of the biggest boobies going, lovely looking lady too, Brooke is fit