written by Wanda

Helen Flanagan Shows Off Some Serious Boob

I have absolutely no idea how Helen Flanagan managed to avoid a nip slip in this shirt. It defies all logic and reason. It seriously does. If that were me, my boobs would be popping out all over the place. I guess it hardly matters though. We pretty much get to see the entire boob any way. Is the nipple really all that important when this much skin is on display. I don’t know what the Hakkasan restaurant in London is like but I can’t imagine wearing an outfit like this to any restaurant in my hometown. Maybe that’s just me though. I don’t have nearly the confidence Helen has. In any event, Helen looks incredibly sexy here. I think the dress is right on the line between sexy and trashy but hey, the lady still looks good so that’s worth something.

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  • she is very busty