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Helen Hunt Is Not The Kind Of Woman We Usually Post About Around Here …

I get that Helen Hunt isn’t everyone idea of beautiful but she’s certainly mind. I have loved this woman since I was but a young thing and over the years, that love hasn’t faded. Not even a little bit. I think she’s wonderfully talented and incredibly beautiful and I think these photos really give us the chance to see how beautiful. She has a great body and seems so comfortable in her own skin. To me, there’s nothing sexier than confidence and I think that’s something Helen really has a lot of. I don’t see her as often as I’d like to but perhaps that will change. Although maybe it’s best if it doesn’t. These photos of Helen were a rare treat which made them feel special. I like that. I write about a lot of the same women over and over again – not that I’m complaining. I write about a lot of very beautiful women. It’s just nice to have a change of pace every now and again, especially when it’s with someone as gorgeous as Helen.

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  • she got a nice ass