written by Wanda

Helen Hunt Swimsuit Pictures

I have never understood why so many jokes are made at Helen Hunt’s expense. I think she’s a lovely woman who has tons of talent and a great personality. I also think she looks great in these photos, where we see her wearing a swimsuit on the set of Ride in LA. Are these the sexiest swimsuit photos we’ve ever posted? No, but they’re also not bad by any stretch of the imagination. I’ve always been a pretty big Helen Hunt fan so any excuse to write about her is great, in my opinion. I have always loved her smile. My only real complaint about these photos is that we don’t get to see that gorgeous smile of hers a little more often. All in all, great set of shots of a very beautiful woman.


  • not bad at all, quite a sexy women

  • She has been a favorite of mine since before her TV show. You have to admire the fact that she takes on roles that are demanding physically (and excels in her performance) that would be too tough for some younger actresses. I think Helen Hunt is much like a younger Helen Mirren in her capabilities. I wish her continued success.

  • very nice older mature women