written by Ann

Heroes’ Hayden Panattiere And Kristen Bell Love Men And Cars

Hayden Panattiere looks coyly inviting in her strapless blouse. She manages to show her busty cleavage as she lovingly caresses her guy. He looks like he’s on cloud nine. I think his heart just missed a beat.
Kristen Bell is all set to drive this cool beauty downtown for a drink and maybe more. These two beauties sure rev up the engines around here.

Hayden Panattiere Kristen Bell Lamborghini

Hayden Panattiere Hayden Panattiere Car Hayden Panattiere 2.jpg Hayden Panattiere 3.jpg Hayden Panattiere 4.jpg Hayden Panattiere 5.jpg Hayden Panattiere 6.jpg Hayden Panattiere 7.jpg Hayden Panattiere 8.jpg Hayden Panattiere 9.jpg Kristen Bell Kristen Bell 10.jpg Kristen Bell 2.jpg Kristen Bell 3.jpg Kristen Bell 4.jpg Kristen Bell 5.jpg Kristen Bell 6.jpg Kristen Bell 7.jpg Kristen Bell 8.jpg Kristen Bell 9.jpg


  • Almost perfect combination, guess who is missing between Kristen Bell and Hayden Panattiere? ME!!! :)))

  • I wish i could be one of those Heroes :(


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