written by Wanda

Hey, Emma Roberts! You Have Holes In Your Pockets!

I love Emma Roberts. She’s absolutely freaking adorable. I also love these pictures of Emma taken in Studio City, California. I love the outfit she’s wearing, including the shorts with the massive frayed holes in the pockets. I have to assume the holes are meant to be there as I’m sure Emma has the kind of bank account that allows for new shorts and that somehow makes me like those shorts even more. Here’s something I’m not sure I really realized about Emma until now, though. She has incredible legs. I guess I just never noticed because I was too distracted by how adorable she is. I also can’t finish this post without mentioning Emma’s shoes. Adorable! I love this girl!


  • nice pictures, she is well fit

  • pretty but too skinny, but i prefer girls with more meat on them, nice tho