written by Wanda

Hilary Duff And Her Sexy Legs In LA

I respect Hilary Duff. While her contemporaries were out there getting drunk and going nuts, Hilary managed to keep a good head on her shoulders – at least from outward appearances. I don’t know what she’s like behind the scenes, but she seems so normal. I love the girl, even if I don’t really hear a whole lot about her anymore. Still, every now and then, pictures like these (taken in LA) surface and I’m reminded that Hilary’s still the cutie she was all those years ago. I love her casual, relaxed style and the fact that she doesn’t really seem to let anything bother her. She proves that it is possible to go from pop princess to regular girl without any of the messy drama in between. Love her.


  • i want her to ride me so i can watch her tits bounce

  • god she is sooooooooooooo hot, always gets me hard, great legs, great ass, great face, she is just too sexy, she is perfect

  • i love hilary duff thx bro

  • sexy hilary duff, oh yes, great pics of her, god i wanna tap that ass

  • I love the one where she is at a cash point because In real life I did this with an attractive older women I remember sniggering with my buddy’s and saying something dirty only for the women to turn around and slap me hard lol, looking back it was pretty dumb, but in all seriousness Hilary duff is very nice too sexy

  • simon I have done it myself mate, Its ok getting away with feeling girls asses sometimes in clubs and in school/ college but when you do it with older women you get caught cold, I have done it so many times, sometimes lukcy most the time I have red cheeks from her hand mark connecting with my face lol.

    All funny tho but she is smoking hot, Hilary is fuckin hot

  • mark you got slapped by older women slapping their asses lol, Thats why I do younger girls and most are so horny they love it here, most girls are desperate.

    Never had too many experiences tho only time was when I was caught eyeballing my neighbor- at a party looking up her dress etc long story she just looked at me disgustingly saying dirty bastard that was it.

    Back on subject Hilary duff is stunning, what a girl, what a body

  • id play with her all night, she has great legs and feet, slapped a few girls asses its ok, the once I danced with this chubby older women lol, I am 22 and I just grabbed her ass and nothing happened just a bit of fun.

    But then another time I done it at a staff party last yr again with a fat chick she had a skirt on I went up to her pulled her skirt up and slapped her ass she turned around and slapped me lol, not so great, but its all fun, I have seen her since and somebody dared me to come onto her again, I never did I said something like you look nice and she just gave me dead eye, never do that again

  • she is too hot, great body

  • she is a nice looking young lady as a women i am ok to say that, she is pretty.

    one thing that irks me however is guys who feel they have a right to put there hands on women, I have had it happen to me, I am in a relationship and yet guys feel they can come up to you grab your ass when you wear a tight skirt, the worst i had was a mat who pretended to drop something and was looking up my skirt i gave him a good kick, why some people act like animals is beyond me.

  • those legs are so good

  • Hilary is very sexy, great legs.

    To the above post not all guys are like that, I certainly don’t behave in that way, it works both ways, I have seen all scenarios, It comes down to modern society where its all looks, bodies of course this is the media’s fault, and most people have no self control or shame now and will basically behave that way obsessed with sex etc.

    But girls can be as bad too, I have seen girls willingly flirt with guys or lead guys on only to then be angry when guy makes advances well what do they expect when they wear in some cases slutty type clothes and act in a diva way around lads.

    It’s the same here, i see girls who are still in High school wearing tight skirts heels, makeup and look older and they are flirting with older guys, its the way the world is now

  • id gladly get on my knees and lick her pussy and tap that ass

  • Hilary is fit as fuck, I agree the way people are nowadays, I mean what guy would pass up sex period or flirting with any girls, Hell I know I don’t, I have seen girls who are not even 16 here flirt with older guys my mate even kissed this girl and grabbed her ass and stuff and she is in high school and he is older, it’s not right but its the world we live in

  • i wanna have sex with hilary duff, in my dreams i do

  • happened to me my next door neigbour the girl is 15 so under age and we were hanging out and as i went to the toilet she asked me to come see something of hers and she took me to her bedroom and she basically unzipped my trousers and kissed me and i had to shove her off a bit to stop her wtf, it was crazy obviosuly was awkaward has been since, she is 15.

  • james that’s good you should have let her give you an hand job its fine you did not have sex with her, its common as most girls now look older, its so easy to get in them situations happened to me , most girls wear mae up, skirts, heels and under 16, they get in clubs, The other week I went out with my mates and there was a girl there who sucked off one of my mates and he later found out she was 13 wtf? she looked 18? lol.

    only tme happened to me I was checking out this girl who lives by me as she walked past I whistled at her saying sexy let me smash that assm she had great ass and she said piss of u perv im 14 lol

    What a crazy world, on the real topic tho hilary duff is stunning, great body

  • things were moving too fast and he got scaerd. Well he was the one who came back with me when I drove 500 miles to see him. My point is if you can figure it out is: Don’t move there or tell her you want to or even tell her you love her if you don’t mean it! Karma is a bitch and I feel pitty for all the men who do good women wrong guess that is why there are so many hatefull bitches in this world because men mess up the heads of the good women and well they just turn into the run of the mill evil she devils that were already pleagueing the earth. Hey guys keep it up and eventually WE will ALL be cold hearted because of your lies!

  • hilary duff has great body, that ass and legs areyummy

  • great legs, she is perfect really, what a fine girl

  • wish I had her in that position so I could smash her from behind, great great legs on her, she is so curvy and sexy, hilary is a fox

  • she is perfect