written by Ann

Hilary Duff At Superheroes: Fashion And Fantasy

Hilary Duff was at the Metropolitan Museum’s Costume Institute Gala. Many of Hollywood’s celebrities turned up for the event. The theme for the night was Superheroes: Fashion and Fantasy exhibition. This year’s honorary chair was held by the high fashion designer, Giorgio Armani. Several celebrites wore Armani creations to this event. Scarlett Jonasson was present to show off her engagement ring from her new fiance, Ryan Reynolds. It was a wonderful night of stars.

Hilary Duff

Costume Institute Gal Ryan Reynolds Armani creations Superheroe Hilary Duff 5.jpg Hilary Duff 6.jpg Hilary Duff 7.jpg Hilary Duff 8.jpg Hilary Duff 9.jpg engagement ring Hilary Duff 11.jpg


  • Lookin’ fine girl.

  • she is very nice looking ay?