written by Christine

Hilary Duff Does Maxim!

Well, this one’s for the boys for sure, or also for the girls who play for the other team. Here is Hilary Duff in a steamy photo spread for Maxim magazine. And this young thing is all woman in this spread, I can’t even recognize her. From her lacey dress to her mini mini, Hilary shows the world that she’s ready to be taken seriously. Watch your fingers when you are flipping those pages, this photo spread is SMOKIN.

Hilary Duff

lacey dress Hilary Duff Maxim Maxim Photoshoot Hilary Duff 4.jpg Hilary Duff 5.jpg Hilary Duff 6.jpg


  • This was several months ago, and you’re NOW just noticing? Way to stay on top of things.

  • Can’t you see Frank these pictures are not tagged as they were one month before.

  • BUT she is really hot

  • You know why people are talking about her now-a-days, just because of her daringness.
    Now you will think that in which way can she be daring?????
    If you really want to know just read an article

  • she should do porn now, im hoping so lol


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