written by Ann

Hilary Duff In Short Shorts

Hilary Duff and Mike Comrie were out shopping in LA on July 6. Hilary brought her pet dog along for its exercise. Looking at the relaxed way Hilary dresses, it can be guessed that she is quite comfortable with her relationship with Mike Comrie. Partners of a couple who are settled do not feel the need to dress up in the presence of the other half. Anyway, Hilary looked good in her tank top and short shorts.

Hilary Duff

Mike Comrie Hilary Duff 2.jpg Hilary Duff 3.jpg Hilary Duff 4.jpg Hilary Duff 5.jpg Hilary Duff 6.jpg Hilary Duff 7.jpg Hilary Duff 8.jpg pet dog Hilary Duff 10.jpg short shorts


  • lovely shots

  • Mike you will never change!


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