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Hilary Duff Is A Beauty In Beverly

Teen queen Hilary Duff was recently spotted in Beverly Hills looking mighty fine! Dressed in a perfectly tailored black tight fitting tank top and straight cut pants that hugged her sexy body down to the last inch, Hilary was seen getting two drinks. Wonder if both drinks were for her or for a boy toy hidden somewhere in her car? What do you think? Click for more photos of the blonde beauty that is Hilary!

Hilary Duff

beauty Hilary Duff Hilary Duff 2.jpg Hilary Duff 3.jpg Hilary Duff 4.jpg Hilary Duff 5.jpg Hilary Duff 6.jpg Hilary Duff 7.jpg Hilary Duff 8.jpg Hilary Duff 9.jpg


  • Glamorous

  • I completely agree that she is a complete ditz. Her blondeness is beyond annoying to just down right agravating.


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  • patricia sherratt { who the mystery man ? }
  • David { Most likely stinky. }
  • David { Kelly has had my loins boiling for many years. Hot, Hot, ... }
  • { working that body }
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  • { awesome awesome miley!!! }
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