written by irene

Hilary Duff Is Pure Rock Glam

Former teen queen Hilary Duff has a new song out and it seems she’s still sporting the rock glam look. No complaints there since Hilary really rocks this type of look! I bet a lot of girls will follow her style. Check out Hilary on the set of her new music video “Reach Out.” Isn’t she all grown up? The actress/singer/fashionista even flaunts her beautiful, shapely legs in these photos. So go ahead and take a peek at these photos – Hilary’s “reaching out to ya!”

Hilary Duff

Hilary Duff filming new video Hilary Duff in glamorous dress Hilary Duff is blonde beauty makeup


  • sexy little girl

  • makeup looks good on her

  • Did they blindfold her and not take any pics? the Two there look like candids.

  • she is so fit, those legs nice, i wanna fuck her so bad

  • hilary always looks so hot, stunning girl, great body she rocks

  • hilary is very sexy


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