written by Wanda

Hilary Duff Takes A Swim In Capri

I know I’ve taken a few shots at Hilary Duff and her seemingly stalled career a time or two, but I honestly love the Duff and that love only grows stronger as time passes. I love that she’s so under the radar. You don’t hear her name connected with a new scandal each and every week. She seems so grounded and normal. While some might call that boring, i call it refreshing. Here in Capri, Hilary takes a dip in the pool looking sexy but still somehow like that adorable girl I remember from her career in music and movies. And don’t think Hilary’s done with showbiz. Just because you don’t hear her name every day doesn’t mean she’s done working. She just keeps out of the spotlight and I respect the heck out of her for that. I wish some other actresses/singers would take that route.



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  • Hilary Duff is such a nice psoern, but people do not think the same about it..which is a sad thing. Anyway, she is the best in Waters Fundations and Blessings in a Backpack also.

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  • I think that since she has had that baby she is even more out of the spotlight. Good for her though. I mean she knows what is important in life and that is her family. Her career did go good as well.

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