written by irene

Hilary Swank Lanky Beauty

I must say, these fashion photos do show a more glamorous side of award winning actress Hilary Swank. Very glamorous, in fact, that her wearing see-through outfits, feathery numbers and silky robes are so far from her images as a boxer in “The Million Dollar Baby” and a tomboy in “Boys Don’t Cry.” I hope Hilary continues to do these fashion photo shoots – makes us remember that beneath that crisp jawline and powerful eyes, she’s still a talented beauty.

Hilary Swank

The Million Dollar Baby Hilary Swank is glamorous babe Hilary Swank 4fashion photos Hilary Swank photo shoot Hilary Swank 6.jpg Hilary Swank 7.jpg Hilary Swank 8.jpg Hilary Swank 9.jpg Hilary Swank 10.jpg

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