written by Wanda

Hilary Swank Looks Hot In A Hoodie?

Ya know, I like Hilary Swank. I like her a lot. She is the kind of Hollywood babe that just does what she wants to do and doesn’t concern herself a whole lot with always looking fashionable. I love the fact that when she hits the beach in Hawaii she wears a baseball cap, sunglasses and a comfortable looking hoodie over her bikini because, well, it’s comfortable. She is the kind of girl that is comfortable with who she is and doesn’t need the validation of cameras snapping her every move to make her feel like somebody. One gets the feeling that she doesn’t want the press attention. She wants to make her movies and then leave work behind. She wants a normal life and in a world of fame whores and attention seekers flashing their tits and ass for whoever will look, Swank is a refreshing and welcomed change.

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