written by Wanda

Hofit Golan Puts Her Cooch On Display.

I have to be honest. I’ve never heard of Hofit Golan. Apparently she’s a socialite or something. From what I can understand, socialite basically means someone with no discernible talent who becomes famous for no real reason. Yup. Hofit seems to fit that description. I found a few articles about her and they all have one common theme – wildly inappropriate outfits at an event she has no involvement with. It seems the ‘The Expendables 2’ film premiere in London on August 13 was no exception to that rule. While the outfit itself isn’t really all that bad, flashing her panties – especially since you can see right through them – certainly seems in poor taste. I refuse to believe she didn’t realize you could see her undies. I know she didn’t hike her skirt up on purpose but she had to know what was going on down there. Just keep your knees together, Hofit. Problem solved.


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