written by Wanda

Holly Hagan And Her Interesting Dye Job.

I’m not sure how I feel about Holly Hagan. The British television personality who would like to be a singer appeals to me in some ways but not in others. Right now, Holly is probably most well known as a cast member of “Geordie Shore”, the UK spin off of “Jersey Shore” that’s airing on MTV. That works against her in my opinion. I’m not really big on that type of reality show but hey, that’s just personal preference. Holly herself actually seems like a pretty fun girl. Here in Spain, she looks like she’s having a pretty good time and I love the hair but she still gives off a somewhat trashy vibe I’m not a big fan of. The jury’s still out on this one for me, but she looks pretty good in a bikini so at least there’s that.


  • well she is fit, great pics of this babe, her rack is huge, very impressive, I wanna have fun with her and a game of pool sounds good as long as im playing against her

  • I love her hair here. It takes a very strong and confident woman to do this to her hair and it proves that she is both. I have never seen her before but I imagine that she would be a blast to hang out with. If only I had the guts to do this to my hair.

    • I did something like this with my hair a few years back except my hair was a bit longer than hers at the time. I went bright blue right after than – nearly killed my hair, but it was fun. You should try it out – as long as you don’t mind getting a few stares every now and again.

  • Several years ago I did a pink dye job. It was with Koolaid. I got stares and made fun of but it was fun and worth it. If you don’t mind the comments and you are comfortable with yourself I agree with Wanda.

    • They have really great temporary dye out there too. You don’t get the intense pink, but it’s still very pink and it doesn’t damage your hair. I think you can get it at most drug stores for under $10. My suggestion to Maddie – try out the temporary stuff for Halloween and see what you think. If you love it, keep it!

  • hi does anybody know what type of red colour that holly uses?? i just love it!!

  • Hi, I recently went this colour. I pre lightened and then used swartkoft semi permanent in pillar box red. It fades quite quick but worth it to get this look and to keep the colour as long as possible always wash with water as cold as u can handle. Works for me. Hope this helps x