written by Wanda

Holly Madison And Her Giant Boobs Take A Stroll

Playboy hottie Holly Madison stepped out for a little stroll wearing more clothing than we’re used to seeing her in but still looking hot. With my opinion of Kendra Wilkinson changing every so slightly after her appearance on “Dancing with the Stars”, Holly has quickly been climbing the ranks to become my favorite “Girls Next Door” alum. I’ve never really been a fan of the ginormous breasts because, quite frankly, they look so awkward, but they work for Holly in a strange way. Everything about her is exaggerated so why should her breasts be any different? I also really like Holly’s style. This is an outfit an average woman could wear. They might not look quite as good as Holly, but it’s flattering regardless of body type. I’m looking forward to seeing where Holly’s career takes her next. Hopefully she doesn’t fade into oblivion but when a girl is as hot as Holly that only has to happen if she lets it.

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  • what a rack, hot babe