written by Wanda

Holly Madison Bends Over And Busts Out

Holly Madison is such a beautiful woman. Her body is ridiculous – surgically enhanced as it may be. In these photos, we see the lovely Playboy Bunny stretching before going jogging in Las Vegas and can I just say that I’m very glad there were cameras there to catch all this hotness. To think we may have missed out on all the scantily clad stretching if there hadn’t been a photographer there snapping away. Perish the thought. Am I being sarcastic? I’m not sure I know anymore. All the same, these are fantastic pictures. I’m not entirely sure Holly was ‘caught off guard” by the shutterbugs waiting for her – I’d be more surprised if she didn’t arrange for them to be there herself – but none of that matters. Holly looks incredible and these are among the hottest photos I’ve ever seen of her so I’m not going to complain.

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  • she is so busty