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Holly Madison’s Little Black Dress

Hugh Hefner and Holly Madison attended the Spike TV Guys Choice award show. Holly looked ravishing. Some people thought that it was a pity she stayed faithful to Hugh, despite being placed aside from marriage.

The show was hosted by John Cho and Kal Penn. Hugh received the “Alpha Male Award” to recognize his pioneering achievements in entertainment for men. The entire show was about paying tribute to the sexiest women and hottest guys in 2007.

Holly Madison

Hugh Hefner Black Dress sey Holly Madison Holly Madison 4.jpg Holly Madison 5.jpg Holly Madison 6.jpg


  • Hugh Hefner is world’s luckiest guy!

  • money talks :D

  • Do you think Mr Hefner is still doing it with these girl friends? My friends all said yes but I don’t think so… what do you say?

  • there’s no way Hefner is still gettin busy with any of his “girlfriends”. He’s a sad, pathetic old man who is clinging to the memory of his youth.

    Honestly, can you look at Holly or Kendra and honestly think that they’re being “satisfied” by some sporadic geriatric action?


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