written by irene

Holly Valance Is Making Guys Sweat

Holly, oh Holly! How could you? How could you just strut your stuff topless and not expect red blooded guys to not sweat and forget their last names? Yes, we know you have the body. Yes, it’s but natural that you flaunt your pretty and sexy curves and creamy skin. However, we gals who aren’t as gifted can feel a bit queasy and jealous, truth be told. Well, okay, you can cheer us up a bit if you send us numerous pairs of those fancy eyewear!

Holly Valance 9.jpg

Holly Valance 1.jpg Holly Valance 2.jpg Holly Valance 3.jpg Holly Valance 4.jpg Holly Valance 5.jpg Holly Valance 6.jpg Holly Valance 7.jpg Holly Valance 8.jpg Holly Valance 9.jpg Holly Valance 10.jpg Holly Valance 11.jpg


  • What a great looking body!

  • Great overview of Holly Valance’s body and legs.

  • I’d go down on her.

  • Hot damn, some of the best pix of seen of her in too long of a while. Great!


  • She has really nice body. Almost perfect!

  • Bad that we cant see her in Pirson Break much latelly. She is hot, indeed.

  • moy.. ive been watching PB for 2 years now.. but till now I didn’t know its… her .. lol

  • Holly Valance I love you more than you could imagine :))

  • She looks pretty much the same as Tara Conner

  • lol, should have seen her when she was in neighbours, which is an aussie soap. She was a pretty good actor, look at her now…

  • Holly Valance is simply awesome isn’t she?
    She really is a gorgeous celebrity who knows what to wear and how…also what not to wear and how :D

  • wow, she surely is making me more than sweat . Really awesome pictures. loved her in DOA. would love her see in some other movie.

  • hi
    I like holly pics she is so sexy she is so gorgeous and having so hot body oh dear come near babe…

  • Holly is one of the most stunning girls I’ve ever seen. Unfortunately, she has said that she doesn’t really like doing hot shots like these, so there may not be many more to come. I do hope she just accepts that she is a diabolically HOT babe and rides with it.

  • I’d like to blow a giant load of steaming hot jizz over that cute face and chewable tits

  • very sexy women, noticed her on prison break too she is eye catchingly gorgeous and her body is something else, top babe

  • wow, she is perfect, she is a stunner, great looking girl , great body, wanked over her when I watched Taken too she had small role there, and these pics are great,

  • Id lick her all over, she should do more nude shots or just do some porn imo, she is fit as fuck

  • she sure is making me sweat and I would love to make her sweat


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