written by Wanda

Holly Willoughby Looks Lovely In London

Sometimes living where I live has its limitations. I’m not able to watch a lot of videos on non-YouTube sites because I get one of those lovely “content not available in your location” warnings and I sometimes miss out on great online sales because shipping to my location is usually an arm and a leg and negates any possible savings I could have gotten. No fun. Probably my biggest complaint about where I live, however, is I often miss out on a lot of beautiful women from the UK simply because I don’t get to watch UK television or read UK magazines. Such is the case with Holly Willoughby – the beautiful young woman in these photos from London. For those of you who, like me, aren’t sure who Holly is, let me tell you what my research turned up. She’s a English model/television host who is mostly known for her work on children’s shows and entertainment shows, including hostingĀ Dancing on Ice in 2010. Now you know.


  • glad to finally see holly on this site, super hot women she always shows off her great curves and her awesome boobs.

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  • yes i agree, every time I see this women on tv I explode, could only dream of getting with a women like her, she always shows off her massive boobs and wears sexy outfits.

    If she was interviewing me I wouldn’t be able to concentrate, this site needs carol vorderman and lorraine kelly now, quite a few fit british milf presenters I have a good list.

    I met the lovely Carol Kirkwood a while ago, great rack on her

  • she is a crap presenter, all she has to do is turn up showing her huge rack off and being a grade a cock teaser it works well for her and majority of busty babes in any industry.

    sex sells she is a big example of that

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