written by Wanda

Hot Ass Shots Of Jeanene Fox

I love these pictures of model and actress Jeanene Fox in Toscana, Italy. First, she’s super hot. That much is obvious but what I really like about these pictures is how much fun Jeanene is having in them. She looks like she’s having the time of her life, laughing and playing in the water and generally having a blast. Does it hurt that she has an incredible body? Not at all. I honestly don’t know much of Jeanene’s work aside from “Big Momma’s House 2” but I think we’ll be seeing more of this one in the future. She’s a beauty and clearly works hard to stay in shape. Thankfully, she’s not afraid to show off the fruits of that labor and I definitely appreciate that.


  • incredible assssss thx bro

  • she is fit

  • What is the obsession with her holding her boobs? She is doing this in a few of the photos. She does look good though here. I think that her smile is contagious. I had to smile when I saw a few of them.

  • that ass needs some attention