written by Wanda

Hot Babe Sara Jean Underwood Washing Cars

It would be hard for one to say Sara Jean Underwood doesn’t go all out for her part in G4’s Attack of the Show. This is just one more example in a long line of examples but I don’t think she’s just doing it for the job. This is a woman who really has fun with her work. She it requires her to be a bit sexy at times but a lot of people in the entertainment industry experience that. She not only doesn’t seem to have a problem with turning on the sex appeal every now and again but actually seems to enjoy it. One of my favorite things about watching Sarah is the joy she has for what she does. Nothing sexier than that.


  • I hate shows like Attack of the Show – way too much Asperger’s on that crap. But Sara almost makes me wanna watch. She’s so hot. Nice implants too. I don’t usually dig implants. And fun personality.

  • I’ve never understood the connection between what you’re wearing and washing a car. Sara’s pretty and she does have a nice body, but I don’t know, why is there usually the association with washing a car. It seems abstract to me. Or is it the case that whatever a sexy woman does is sexy? Is that it?

  • It’s because “sex sells”, as they say, Kara. I’ve seen beautiful women paired up with cars for God knows how long – hasn’t always been like that, but the world’s a lot more sexualized these days. I’m not excusing it, but am trying to answer your question. I don’t know what the association is b/w a car and a pretty woman. But if “sex sells” most things, then that’s the angle for cars, I think.

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  • she sure is attractive, great body and great looking