written by Wanda

Hot Backstage Candids Of Kate Upton

The only thing sexier than pictures of Kate Upton from the Beach Bunny Fashion Show is the backstage candids of Kate Upton from the Beach Bunny Fashion Show. I like getting to see Kate all glammed up, but I also like seeing her in the more casual setting of the backstage area as she gets ready to hit the runway. This is one sexy, confident and all around appealing girl. She has a relaxed, laid back sort of attitude which I find appealing, but she also knows how to work it for the camera and give her audience exactly what they want. This girl is stunning and I absolutely adore her.

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  • Kate is very stunning. She has a smile that can light up a room. I think that she is so pretty. I love the way she poses and she always looks good in whatever she picks to wear. Miss Kate you are a beautiful lady.