written by Wanda

Hot Bikini Pics Of Sexy Candice Swanepoel In St. Barts

Oh Candice Swanepoel. How I do love thee. What a stunning woman. Sometimes when I see photos of her, I have a hard time remembering that I have a job to do. I find myself wanting to sit and stare at the pictures instead of typing the post to accompany them. She’s a distraction but a beautiful one so it’s okay. Here in St. Barts, Candice shows off her beautiful body is a series of bikinis for what I assume is a new Victoria’s Secret shoot and I can’t find a single thing to complain about. She has such a lovely smile. That’s really what gets me about her. When she smiles, it’s like she’s smiling from the heart. I love this lady and I love these photos.


  • Candice has been the #1 hottest girl out there for at least a few years now, but she should stop tanning so aggressively – it’s going to age her horribly, and what a waste that will be.

  • Candace is gorgeous and I love the first suit that she is wearing. However the photographer got a bad pic of her in that one. It looks to me like she is looking at her ass trying to figure something out.

  • Candace is a gorgeous gal. I think that she looks great in all of these photos. I am sure that first photo gets the guys going. She may look ackward in it, but she could be seducing the camera.