written by Wanda

Hot Bikini Shots Of Miley Cyrus In Hawaii

Miley Cyrus is like a scandal magnet but I don’t think that’s entirely fair. She’s a young girl doing the things most young girls do. It just so happens she’s doing them in front of the whole world. I honestly couldn’t care less if she likes to smoke weed on occasion. I also like the fact that she mostly tries to keep it under wraps. A lot of people look up to her but what she does behind closed doors is really her business and hey, there are a lot worse things out there she could get sticking her nose in. I’ve been pretty hard on Miley but always about what she chooses to wear on stage or what she chooses to do or say in public. These pictures from Hawaii are some of the best pictures I’ve ever seen of Miley. She looks gorgeous and I’m certainly not going to get on her back for flashing a lot of skin at the beach. I’ve always liked candid shots of Miley far more than her publicity photos. It’s nice to see Miley just being Miley instead of trying to be the girl her publicity team wants her to be. I’m not her biggest fan – or even really a fan at all – but I am interested to see what she does with her career from here.


  • She looks gorgeous, happy and relaxed. Plus she’s with her man too.

    I think Miley will find her own groove eventually. She’s just at that age where she’s trying things out. One minute she looks respectable, the next minute she looks less so. I think she’ll find what works for her in time. Well, I hope she does.

  • She looks great.

  • she is very hot

  • They need to leave Miley Cyrus alone, everybody is iujpmng on her case because she is famous and she has money.We all did those eyes during school and we weren’t called racist, and we never called them chinky eyes, we did it to make other people laugh. This Lucie J. Kim only wants money and Margret Cho just wants attention.I see it like this, Miley Cyrus has the public turned against her because she is not the kid that they want to see but she is becoming the adult that she wants to be.But usually when they start off young they dont end their career well.People are trying to watch her so close that every little thing she does somebody wants to sue her for; it’s hard enough trying to live her life under the microscope of others.

  • 10+++++++++++++++++++ miley super hottttt asssss thx bro

  • I just do not see what everyone’s fasination with Miss Miley is. She is not super hot looks like an everyday person. I guess when you have money though you can be in the spot light like this.

  • what!?? super hot??!!!!! for me, she lookd like filipino boy in bikini… :)
    (or psy’s young sister…..it’s a gangnam style!!)

  • Freaky little hobbit.