written by Wanda

Hot Elisha Cuthbert Happy Endings Photo Shoot

Until recently, Elisha Cuthbert’s new show, “Happy Endings”, was at the very bottom of my ‘check out’ list. I thought that maybe, someday, I’d get around to watching an episode or two but that was before I really knew anything about the show. In fact, I had no idea Elisha was even in it. It jumped to the top of my list (Sorry “Chuck”) when a dear friend filled me in on that little piece of information. I’m glad I checked it out. I love Elisha and I love her on this show. In this “Happy Endings” photo shoot, Elisha is looking absolutely adorable. I love the outfit she’s wearing but most of all, I just love that Elisha is once again back on my television. I hope this show sticks around. If you haven’t seen it, I suggest checking it out, even if just for Elisha.

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  • Girl next door anyone? :-P