written by Wanda

Hot HQ Pics Of Audrina Patridge

I really hate writing posts about Audrina Patridge because I feel a complete lack of ability to be consistent in my opinion of her. In this pictures, the reality star looks smoking hot. In other pictures I’ve written about on this site, she’s only moderatly attractive. I don’t understand how that’s possible. Lighting? Surgery? Who knows. Anyway, here in Mexico, Audrina looks gorgeous. I sometimes think she looks a bit too thin, but in these pictures she looks more athletic than scary skinny. I hope we keep seeing more pictures like this of Audrina. Sometimes it’s fun to be nice to someone you’re normally not nice to.


  • Your consternation over Audrina Patridge bikini observations can be described by the Anderson fairy tale, “The Emperor’s New Clothes.” Guess we’re not supposed to notice Audrina is flat & shapeless in 2011. She had her signature cleavage totally removed and took her enviable hour-glass shape with it! Magazines keep trying to sell us on Audrina still being a curvy, hot, bikini queen like she was before 2011 when she was one of the best in the world. She’s not! Why she would go through a procedure to make herself look a lot less attractive is really curious, but she did. Need proof? Compare your Mexico bikini above with the purple Bora Bora bikini from last year.

  • You make an EXCELLENT point, Frankie. I think she looks better in the pictures above than she has in some of the recent pictures I’ve seen, but she’s still not nearly as attractive as she was before she lost far too much weight. Even so, while she looks too thin, she looks more athletic than emaciated. S

  • Boy, there sure are some pedantic nerds commenting on this site. Get a life all you anal-retentive twerps! Stop writing pompous essays in the comments box! Does this site look like a friggin’ psychiatrist’s couch to you? Huh??? Does it?!?

  • thx for audrina bro