written by Wanda

Hot Lucy Mecklenburgh In Spain

Lucy Mecklenburgh is on a show called ‘The Only Way Is Essex’. I don’t really know what that is. From what I can gather, it’s some sort of reality show based in the UK similar to ‘Jersey Shore’. And that is all I know about Lucy Mecklenburgh other than the fact that she’s hot and is wearing a cute pink bikini in Marbella, Spain. I know we have readers here in the UK. I apologize if my having no sweet clue who this girl is offends you. Fill me in. The comments section is there for a reason. I searched Wiki which was no help. My guess is I know pretty much all I need to know about her. Feel free to tell me otherwise.


  • I have never heard of this show but I do not watch a lot of shows like that. She has a killer body. And the suit is so playful and cute I just want to be there with her soaking up the sun and playing in the water.

  • she is so fit

  • nice indeed, the blonde lady with her is very nice too, very good bodies