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Hot Miami Momma Christina Milian

Miami was again sizzling especially with the presence of the beautiful and very sexy Christina Milian. Don’t you just love her face? You know she has this sweet demeanor that can easily change to something sultry and sexy in a minute. The “Man of the House” alum recently flaunted her toned body at the beach in Miami, Florida. Some lucky guys at that beach sure had a lot of fun watching pretty Christina!

Christina Milian Bikini

Christina Milian Christina Milian at the Beach Christina Milian Bikini 11.jpg Christina Milian Bikini 2.jpg Christina Milian Bikini 3.jpg Christina Milian Bikini 4.jpg Christina Milian Bikini 5.jpg Christina Milian Bikini 6.jpg Christina Milian Bikini 7.jpg Christina Milian Bikini 8.jpg Christina Milian Bikini 9.jpg Christina Milian Bikini 12.jpg Christina Milian Bikini 13.jpg Christina Milian Bikini 14.jpg Christina Milian Bikini 15.jpg Christina Milian Bikini 16.jpg Christina Milian Bikini 17.jpg Christina Milian Bikini 18.jpg


  • she’s always been good since i saw her on ‘sister sister’ and ‘charmed’ her songs are OK she has a nice style extremely pretty girl looks like a really nice women

  • Thats the girl from sister sister, emas4me? Wow, she has grown up quite a bit. She’s still looking good though. Wonder what happened to her hair? It use to be nice and straight.

  • sister sister girl. She looks really sexy now. They grow up so soon.
    I hope she does not end up like Lindsay Lohan.
    GO GIRL.

  • …………..Lord have mer……


    This girl is flawlessly gorgeous. She is one of the most beautiful women that ever walked this Earth. She is the most consistently attractive woman in movies and photos. The camera loves her. And its all natural, and no makeup. This may be the only woman I would sell my soul to be with. lol Anyways, why (and how) Nick Cannon pulled (then lost) here is beyond me. I’m sorry, but Mariah Carey has nothing on Millians, except for her millions.

  • perfectly toned body. one of the hottest women out there! check out those muscular legs outstanding

  • This is really sad, a young black woman like her has to go thuogrh another statistical black man cheating and running away from his responsibilites. It doesn’t matter what happen, at the end of the day he not only disrespected Milian by having photos of him with a nother woman, but now his child has to spend the rest of her life knowing her father didn’t take care of her and cheated on her mother. People that have respinded below are ignorant and it comes to show why US as black people are always being noted by THEM as the worst minority. I pray this woman will get blessed by GOD and given everything she deserves. If you are not in her situation you wouldn’t know what you would do. LOVE IS BLIND!!!


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