written by Wanda

Hot Pics Of Michelle Hunziker

Another day, another set of gorgeous pics of Michelle Hunziker. This woman is just all kinds of sexy. Her body is ridiculous. Her face is perfect. More than that, though, she genuinely seems like a very down to earth, every-girl kind of woman. Here in Varigotti, Italy, she hits the beach in a bright pink bikini but she seems less about showing off the hot body she clearly works hard to maintain and more about hanging out and having fun. I like this girl. I’m glad to be seeing more of her and I hope that continues.


  • Don’t you think she looks like a celebrity barby doll?

    • I can definitely see that. I loved playing with Barbies as a kid. Maybe there’s something to that.


  • I don’t know who she is, but she looks like she would
    be fun to go to the beach with.

  • 10+++++++ Michelle !!! thx bro

  • She is very hot. And the tattoo drives me wild. I love seeing a lady with a tattoo. She has a very pretty face and that suit screams to me come and get me. I want it all right.

  • I hate tatoo