written by Wanda

Hot Vanessa Hudgens Takes A Stroll

I know I’ve given Vanessa Hudgens a hard time in the past but she really has made a fan out of me. It isn’t so much her acting or her singing I’m a fan of. I’m more a fan of Vanessa as a celebrity. I like the fact that she doesn’t seem to care about how she looks when she’s just going out to do her normal day-to-day things yet she somehow manages to still be incredibly hot. I think I like Vanessa most in her casual shots. She just looks like you’re average twenty-something but hotter. I will admit though, I don’t like the giant sunglasses but hey, to each their own.


  • My word she’s a babe. Remember that time you said you thought she was pregnant, Wanda? Heh.

    • Actually no – I didn’t say she was pregnant. I said there were rumors that she was pregnant and she looked a ’rounder in the face’ than she normally does. I also said the rounder looking face might have been from her hair. Comparing the two sets of pictures, she does look thinner in the face in these ones, but she also has her hair up. I don’t want to sound defensive, but I would like to make sure what I said isn’t misrepresented. Aside from that, she was also covering up her belly the way a lot of celebrities trying to hide a baby bump do. Clearly the rumors were false though and hey, to be fair, there’s a pretty good chance I looked more closely at the last set of pictures because I heard the rumors. Without that thought it my head already, I probably wouldn’t have noticed any of that I said in the post. But yes, we are in complete agreement – this woman is a babe.

  • Haha all good, I didn’t mean much by that comment anyhow. I’d just like to re-hash how much of a babe she is, by the way!

  • vanessa ass hot thx bro