written by Nabanita

Hottest Mom: Stephanie Seymour

The debate over skinny supermodels are never ending, and sometimes you love them grudgingly. However, when it comes to Stephanie Seymour, you love her unconditionally cause she’s charmed the world at a time when supermodels were real, and a rarity. So, if you think supermodels fade away in a jiffy, you’re wrong. Here’s the latest on Stephanie Seymour, and she looks hotter than all those wannabe page 3 women. Believe it or not, she’s a mother of 4, and has recently been divorced. No signs of post pregnancy woes, or marital warp in her case. Talk about dignity in the job, and sexy Stephanie Seymour has set the bar real high.

Stephanie Seymour Stephanie Seymour Stephanie SeymourStephanie Seymour Stephanie Seymour Stephanie Seymour Stephanie Seymour Stephanie Seymour


  • I wish I would look that good and I only have one girl.

  • hot

  • Yeah Stephanie Seymour has always been a ‘stunning’ looking woman but I think in her Axl Rose dating days she was pretty bony looking I think that she looks healthier now she’s a little older

  • About Stephanie Seymour and her like Jenny McCarthy which is also my favorite… Which one is cooler? Opinions?:) At least I’d say Jenny McCarthy has something in common with her. Anyway it is hard to believe Stephanie Seymour is already 45 years old!