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Hottest Part Of GQ Men Of The Year 2007

No, it wasn’t the men of GQ that had hearts throbbing at the GQ Men of the Year 2007 event, it was the women. And if you really want to see a red carpet lit on fire, you just need to look at the GQ Men of the Year 2007 press room to see some of Hollywood’s finest ladies smoking up the joint. Here gracing the GQ Men of the Year 2007 event are (from left to right) Anna Faris, Hayden Panettiere, Elisha Cuthbert, Jennifer Morrison, and Megan Fox.

As you can see, the women were all smiles, and what woman in her right mind wouldn’t be at a GQ event? But any woman that carries elegance and style the way that these women do would have the right to smile.

GQ Man of the Year 2007

All women are beautifully styled in elegant cocktail pieces with stunning hair and flawless makeup, all to ensure that if they wanted to, they could have any GQ their hearts desired. And even if they didn’t, they could still have ‘em. Yup, I’d be smiling too!

Anna Faris GQ 1.jpg

Anna Faris GQ 2.jpg Anna Faris GQ 3.jpg Anna Faris GQ 4.jpg Anna Faris GQ 5.jpg Anna Faris GQ 6.jpg Elisha Cuthbert GQ 1.jpg Elisha Cuthbert GQ 2.jpg Elisha Cuthbert GQ 3.jpg Elisha Cuthbert GQ 4.jpg Elisha Cuthbert GQ 5.jpg Elisha Cuthbert GQ 6.jpg Hayden Panettiere GQ 1.jpg Hayden Panettiere GQ 2.jpg Hayden Panettiere GQ 3.jpg Hayden Panettiere GQ 4.jpg Hayden Panettiere GQ 5.jpg Hayden Panettiere GQ 6.jpg Hayden Panettiere GQ 7.jpg Hayden Panettiere GQ 8.jpg Hayden Panettiere GQ 9.jpg Jennifer Morrison GQ 1.jpg Jennifer Morrison GQ 2.jpg Jennifer Morrison GQ 3.jpg Jennifer Morrison GQ 4.jpg Jennifer Morrison GQ 5.jpg Jennifer Morrison GQ 6.jpg Jennifer Morrison GQ 7.jpg Megan Fox  GQ 1.jpg Megan Fox  GQ 2.jpg Megan Fox  GQ 3.jpg Megan Fox  GQ 4.jpg Megan Fox  GQ 5.jpg Megan Fox  GQ 6.jpg Megan Fox  GQ 7.jpg Megan Fox  GQ 8.jpg Megan Fox  GQ 9.jpg Megan Fox  GQ 10.jpg


  • Hayden Panettiere would be my pick :))

  • Mine as well!! :)

  • Ew, you can have Hayden. Jennifer Morrison is fucking gorgeous.

  • Go JENNIFER!:)

  • One vote more for Jennifer Morrison … she is incredible hot babe!

  • Dont forget of Girl Next Door hehehe :)))

  • Are you guys insane?! Megan Fox sends you a kiss and you dump her . lol.

  • i love what jennifer morrison is wearing. she looks so cute!

  • Hayden looks more mature, comparing to previous events. But somehow Jennifer is no1.

  • Elisha Cuthbert!!!

  • hot girls collection you got here

  • megan foxxxxx
    iys obvious

  • megan fox without question here the others just fall short of this beauty


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