written by Wanda

HQ Performance Pics Of Jennifer Lopez

I know I’ve spoken of my change of heart on the subject of Jennifer Lopez before, but I would like to revisit the subject in honor of these pictures. I’d always heard Jennifer Lopez was a diva and I’d always assumed it was true because the woman is so fierce on stage. Normally when you hear about a strong, confident woman, you also hear about their diva antics. After watching her on ‘American Idol’ though it became pretty clear that motherhood had softened the once fiery female. I wondered what that meant for her music career. Looking at these pictures from the Summertime Ball at Capital Radio’s London, I have decided it doesn’t mean anything for her career. She still owns the stage. She still rocks the crowd. She’s still that fierce diva, but she’s a fierce diva with a soft side and I love her even more for it.

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  • She’s so fit.