written by Wanda

I Don’t Get Brooke Hogan

I know before I even start this that it’s going to make some people angry. I can’t help it. It’s my job to give my opinion and my opinion of Brooke Hogan isn’t a very good one. I just don’t get why people consider her attractive. Is it the blond hair? I’m being entirely sincere in asking because I genuinely don’t understand the appeal. She’s 23. That is shocking to me. Perhaps I’m being harsh but when I look at her, I see a much older girl. I have to give credit where it’s due though. She does have a fairly nice body but honestly, the overall package just doesn’t work for me. I like these pictures of her, taken recently in Florida, more than I love some of her pictures but that isn’t saying much. Perhaps I should feel bad for being honest but she’s Brooke Hogan and is still far hotter than I could ever hope to be. I’m sure she couldn’t care less what I think.


  • I want to fuck this girl so bad

  • incredible hot powerful built women! her body is just so fuckable love those hot sexy thick legs!

  • Is that her mum with her?

    I think Brooke looks good. She’s fit with meat on her bones. Not everyone will think she’s attractive, and that’s OK. That’s how it’s meant to be. Everyone has a different set of eyes.

    Billy19: she’s 23, which makes her a woman, not a girl.

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  • I wanna lick her, Brooke is hot and so is her mother Linda

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  • I bet Brooke would be great in bed too, a great ride, love her meaty sexy figure, so curvy and delicious look at those strong legs that’s is a real women

  • her body is made for sex, i love pounding chicks built like this

  • I prefer thicker girls too, her body is well toned though, she has good shape look at those strong built legs, love the thick thighs besides she aint a bad looking girl either

  • awesome girls, nice legs on both chicks, brooke has an awesome body