written by Wanda

I Freaking Love Jamie Chung

I am not typically a fan of reality stars but I don’t really count Jamie Chung as a reality star. Yes, she got her start on The Real World: San Diego but since then, she’s parlayed that reality show fame into something much bigger than that. I adored her as Mulan on Once Upon A Time, and thought she was fantastic in Sucker Punch even if I wasn’t a huge fan of the movie overall. I love these photos of her. They’re a lot of fun and they really make me smile. Plus, of course, Jamie looks fantastic in them. I think this is a young lady that is going to be in the entertainment industry for a long time and that makes me very happy.


  • You need to check her in Eden aka Abuduction of Eden. She is amazing as a dramatic actor. Who knew.

    • I will definitely add that to my “must watch” list. I’ve been meaning to check it out but never quite got around to it.