written by Wanda

I Just Don’t Get Nicki Minaj

Here’s the deal. I thought “Pink Friday” was a great album. There are a few tracks on there I wasn’t exactly in love with but for the most part, I thought it was well worth listening to. I guess that means I would call myself a fan. I’m jut not quite sure I understand anything else about Nicki Minaj. She’s always spewing off the most ridiculous, hate filled rants at anyone who doesn’t like her. It’s music. People aren’t going to like everything. As for her outrageous outfits, I don’t really get that either but perhaps that’s because I’m old enough to know Lil Kim already did much of what Nicki Minaj is doing now in terms of fashion. I don’t necessarily think it’s fair that Lil Kim and Nicki Minaj are compared all the time (for the record, I think Kim is the better rapper but Nicki is better at creating more marketable music) but I can see how the comparisons come about. All of that aside, I’m just not sure how about these photos from the Christmas Extravaganza Nicki hosted at Webster Hall on December 25. I don’t like the hair. I don’t like the outfit. I do, however, adore the shoes. I guess that counts for something.


  • perfect, great big rack and huge booty, damn she fine as fuck

  • she is so hot, that ass is incredible and huge boobs, she is made for sex

  • Love her huge ass

  • have you seen her latest music videos like high school with Lil wayne its more like porn type stuff lol, wish I was lil wayne though, only good stuff about it all is we get to see her showing her fantastic body off, amazing curves, nice thick legs and a huge ass.

    we should all worship this women after all sex sells and nicki minaj is proof of that.

  • her ass is so big, so sexy,

  • id eat her ass

  • That booty is popping, so huge

  • Big ole log tosser.

  • she would be a great shag you just know, that ass is unreal, Love to destroy this bitch