written by Wanda

I Kind Of Forgot Jenny Frost Existed.

Major confession here, folks – I was a huge Atomic Kitten fan for a time in my late teens and then I just sort of lost track of them. I always loved Jenny Frost in the group although I wasn’t a big fan of her in her first group, Precious. Kind of weird how that works. Now that Atomic Kitten will be touring again, I feel like I need to get out their old album and give it a listen. I have to admit that looking at these photos of Jenny really brings back some fond memories. She’s so pretty and seems so relaxed in front of the camera. Funny story – I believed all of the members of Atomic Kitten were transexual for several years before learning I had been misinformed. I have no idea how many people I told. Oops. For the record, they are all natural born women to the best of my knowledge. The more you know.

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