written by Wanda

I Was Just Wondering What Happened To Pia Toscano

So I’m a pretty big fan of American Idol (or I was until last season anyway) and I very clearly remember Pia Toscano’s stint on the show. She had one of the most incredible voices the show had seen in a long time and I was sure she was really going places, even after she was eliminated. Then … well, she just sort of disappeared. It’s nice to see her still out there doing things. This lady isn’t just talented of course. She’s also incredibly beautiful. The dress she’s wearing in these photos is absolutely fantastic. I love this lady. I hope we see more from her in the future. She definitely has the talent for a career in the music industry. I just hope the public can get behind her.

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  • she is such a pretty women, stunning we need to see more of her