written by Wanda

Iggy Azalea Shows Off Her Tight Rear End

It’s so fantastic to see gorgeous Iggy Azalea popping up on my assignments list more often. I love this girl. She’s talented, gorgeous and has a great sense of style. I have never really been a fan of bright colors in leather (or faux leather) pants but the look really works on Izzy. She has the attitude to pull it off. It’s also nice to see her looking for comfortable with paparazzi snapping photos of her as she’s out in New York. Some young stars have a hard time dealing with that sort of thing and while she doesn’t seem as comfortable as some of the seasoned pros we sometimes post photos of around here, she seems to be coping well. She probably has a lot of help. Everyone wants to get on the Iggy Azalea bandwagon and that should really not come as a surprise to anyone. This lady is going to be huge one day.

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