written by Wanda

Ilary Blasi Has A Massive Wedgie.

I’m not really into fashion and all that sort of stuff so perhaps the bottom of Illary Blasi’s bikini is actually supposed to ride up into her butt crack like that but whether it was designed that way or not, it still looks so incredibly uncomfortable. It looks fantastic though and I suppose that counts for a lot. Aside from the uncomfortable looking bottom, I actually really like the suit Illary is wearing in these photos (taken in Sabaudia). I like that it looks like two pieces in the front but connects in the front. I would wear a cut like that. It looks great on her although to wear it, I would have to do something about that wedgie issue.

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  • First off I love the suit. It is one fantastic piece of clothing. But it turns me off that she has it looking like a thong in the first pic. Yes that would rather be uncomfortable. But the rest of the photos of her look pretty amazing.