written by Wanda

I’m Not Sure How I Feel About Amelle Berrabah

On one hand, Amelle Barrabah has an incredible body and a pretty face. On the other hand … well, I suppose there really is no “on the other hand”. She is beautiful and she does have an incredible body yet for some reason, I’m really not all that into her. I want to like these photos but I just can’t quite do it. There’s just something about them that feels a little off. I do like Sugababes but I’ve never really felt any kind of allegiance to any of the members so I don’t think I have an issue with Amelle because she replace founding¬†Sugababe Mutya Buena. There’s just something about her I don’t really find attractive. ¬†I say.es, but hey – I’m a weird girl. What can I say?


  • nice looking girl and a fine body, nice curves

  • she is so fit, awesome, she certainly is above average looking in my opinion and she has a nice body, that booty, she is fine