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Imogen Thomas In A Blue Denim Dress

Imogen Thomas is the beautiful former Miss Wales who gained celebrity in the UK following her appearances on various reality shows such as ‘Big Brother’. One look at her and it isn’t hard to see why the public fell in love with her. The girl is stunning. I’m sure some will disagree with me, but I love this look on a woman. I love long dark hair and pale skin, but more than that, I like the fact that she isn’t stick thin. I’m also pretty sure I have the exact same dress hanging in my closet right now. She looks far better in it than me. While there’s been a little drama in her life due to an affair with an unnamed married footballer, she seems to have come through it well. I like her and hope to see more of her in the future.


  • So, she is the girl who had love affair with Ryan Giggs?

  • that’s her… would you say ‘no’ to that hottie Sam? :))

  • Yes, I would :P

  • I’d bang her hard

  • sexy slut, id boned her hard

  • another whore who has no talent but based on the fact she is nice looking and has good body she is all over the papers,

  • thats the world we live in, all you need is to have a nice enough face, a nice enough body and you will sell and be worshipped by the media, look at tulisa for example

  • she is well fit still, she has great curves, proper women

  • lovely outfit so tight her body looks well good