written by Wanda

Imogen Thomas Shows Off Her Sexy Body As She Roller Skates

You know what I love about roller skates? Everything! Women on roller skates remind me of roller discos. Sure I wasn’t alive when roller discos were all the rage but I think I would’ve enjoyed them. Roller skates remind me of those diners where the waitresses took orders and delivered food on roller skates. Of course I wasn’t around for those either but again, I think that’s something I would’ve enjoyed. Is it possible to feel nostalgic for a time before you were born? If so, Imogen Thomas has made that happen for me. I think she looks fantastic cruising around on her roller skates in that teeny tiny outfit in London, England. Imogen has a fantastic body and clearly isn’t shy about showing it off. I love a woman with confidence and Imogen has that in spades. Love these pictures. Perhaps my favorite set of Imogen thus far.


  • fit as fuck and such a prick teaser

  • She is very pretty and I will admit that she looks hot in these. Looks like she has extreme confidence, good for her. I would love to be able to skate around in a skimpy top like that!

  • Is it just me or do her boobs look quite floppy? Like there is not really a whole lot of support going on in the bikini. Sort of a turn off for me.

  • I agree with Jim that the boobs look quite floppy. She needs some better support or else her boob may flop out. Does not look very nice at all. She should have picked a suit that fits her curves better.