written by Wanda

Imogen Thomas Shows Off Much More Than Her Tattoo

I’m not sure how this happened. I went from not seeing pictures of Imogen Thomas ever to seeing her every couple of days. Am I complaining? I’m not sure. She’s one of those celebs I find looks awesome in some pics and not so great in others. I guess some girls just look better with their clothes on. I’m not saying I find her body unattractive. Well, I suppose I am. I think it’s the tattoo. I was really hoping it wasn’t real but it definitely looks like it is. I can’t quite make out what it says. It looks to me like, “Liars and cheats will never have my heart” which seems like an interesting choice considering why her name is in the headlines right now. You know, that whole thing where she had an affair with a married man. Perhaps it would’ve been better to add “but they can have my body” to the end of that phrase.


  • I suspect sudden pictures of her everywhere is down to a good agent (or bad one, depending on how you want to look at it. Overexposure can ricochet.)

    I quite like the tattoo and I like the message. I think it’s personal to her; perhaps encountering liars and cheats is a pattern through most of her adult life.

    Also, we mustn’t forget that though she slept with a married man, it takes two to tango. He’s just in the wrong as she is, if not more, ‘cos he’s the one that’s married, not her.

  • super sexy imogen … thx bro

  • Thanks for the advice! Now that I’ve cut about 6 ienhcs off my hair I was considering taking them into my stylist to get them blended in so they don’t just sit there not being used. I may have to ask her to thing them a little as well, I don’t know how well that would do over if I did it myself haha.