written by Wanda

Incredible Kaley Cuoco Strikes A Gorgeous Pose

Kaley Cuoco, in my ever so humble opinion, is the sexiest female sitcom star on television right now. ‘Big Bang Theory’ is one of the funniest, smartest sitcoms on the air, but the reason it works so well is the chemistry Kaley’s Penny has with Johnny Galecki’s Leonard and Jim Parsons’ Sheldon. Without Kaley, the show would just be a punch of nerdy guys hanging out being nerds. Kaley brings some sexy to the cast – even though I happen to think Johnny is incredibly sexy himself. These shots, taken as Kaley hosts the Top 100 Sexiest Video Countdown, prove what we all already know – Kaley is one sexy babe on and off the show. Sure she was pretty when she was on ‘8 Simple Rules’ but as she matures, she only gets more gorgeous. I’m thrilled to see her having so much success and I really hope that continues. Also, I don’t know where this hot 100 videos list is, but ‘Wicked Game’ by Chris Isaak better have been on that list!


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  • she is so pretty, Love her on Big bang theory a real babe

  • she is absolutely stunning, so pretty

  • needs more of her she is a goddess, so hot, love her

  • she is stunning, first time i watched big bang theory i was thinking gosh she is so fit, who is she, very pretty, had to look her up see her name etc, glad she is on here she is gorgeous,

    very sexy girl

  • easily one of the sexiest babes around, awesome cleavage she shows, great rack on her, very pretty face